quick and easy breakfast : Breakfast Grilled Cheese

quick and easy breakfast : Breakfast Grilled Cheese

This Breakfast Grilled Cheese is about to be your new favourite weekend guilty pleasure. Packed with bacon, egg, sausage and cheese, why wouldn’t it be?!

quick and easy breakfast : Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Breakfast Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Or ‘Breakfast Toastie’ as some of us may be inclined to say here in the UK. Look, I’m gonna be frank with you here. These might cause you to put on weight by just looking at them. No joke 😂 But f*ck they’re tasty as hell!! And that’s all that matters on this blog 😁 Here’s what we got stuffed inside our breakfast grilled cheeses:

Breakfast Grilled Cheese Fillings

Sausage – Either ground sausage meat or the meat squeezed from sausages.
Bacon – Streaky all the way! Cooked to preference.
Egg – Soft scrambled egg.
Cheese – For that authentic McDonald’s breaky taste, it’s gotta be American Processed Cheese slices!!
Chives – Compliment the scrambled egg beautiful.
Sriracha – Because Sriracha is life.
When it comes to making a breakfast grilled cheese, it truly couldn’t be easier!

How to make a Breakfast Grilled Cheese (quick summary)

Fry sausage until browned.
Remove from pan and melt in butter.
Pour in beaten eggs.
Cook and stir on low until soft curds form. Remove from pan.

quick and easy breakfast : Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Bacon – When it comes to cooking the bacon, I always pan fry. I understand many others prefer to grill/bake, hence why I’ve left it out the method/video. Both work great, I just prefer to pan fry so it’s less washing up (all in one pan). 

Top Tip #1 – You want the scrambled egg to be slightly undercooked. It will carry on cooking when removed from the pan and in the grilled cheese. If it’s overcooked in the pan, it’s going to come out rubbery in the sandwich. For my guide to scrambled eggs check out my Perfect Scrambled Eggs post!
From there, it’s just regular grilled cheese sandwich business. I recommend using a paper towel in between cooking the fillings, just so you don’t rubbery egg stuck to the outside of your grilled cheese.

Alright, let’s finish making this thing:

5. Turn off heat, place bread buttered-side-down.
6. Add cheese, then sausage, then bacon.
7. Add scrambled egg.
8. Sprinkle with chives then top with Sriracha.
9. Add cheese, then bread (buttered side up).
10. Fry on medium until golden both sides.

quick and easy breakfast : Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Top Tip #2 – If you’re not keen on Sriracha, feel free to sub for ketchup/brown sauce (or your fave sauce!). Try not to go overboard though otherwise it’ll soak into the bread. Serve extra alongside if you’re after more.

And there we have it! A super delicious (and super indulgent) breakfast sandwich ready for the taking.

quick and easy breakfast : Breakfast Grilled Cheese


  1. 12" Frying Pan & Wooden Spoon
  2. Bowl (to beat eggs)
  3. Spatula/Turner
  4. Paper Towels

Ingredients :

  1. 4 slices Large Thick White Bread
  2. 9oz / 250g Sausage Meat (see notes)
  3. 6 single rashers of Streaky Bacon, cooked to preference
  4. 6 slices American Processed Cheese Slices (see notes)
  5. 6 medium Eggs, beaten
  6. 2 tbsp Butter, plus more to spread
  7. 2 tbsp Fresh Chives
  8. Sriracha, as needed
  9. Salt & Pepper, to taste


  1. Add 9oz/250g sausage to a large frying pan and brown over medium heat until completely cooked through. Remove from pan.
  2. Melt in 2 tbsp butter and turn down heat to low. Pour in eggs and stir into large soft curds. Season with salt and pepper, then remove from pan. Slightly undercooked is best so it doesn't go rubbery in the grilled cheese.
  3. Wipe out pan with paper towels and turn off heat.
  4. Place two slices of bread down, spread with butter and flip over. Top in the following order: Cheese -Sausage - Bacon -> Egg -> Chives -> Sriracha -> Cheese -> Bread -> Butter.
  5. Turn on heat to a medium and fry each side until golden brown. Be careful as you flip that the filling doesn't fall out.


a) Sausage - Depending on what I've got in the fridge, I'll usually use ground sausage meat or just squeeze the meat out of some Cumberland sausages. Both work fine, both easily found at the supermarket.

b) Cheese - I don't often use those orange processed cheese squares, but in these it 100% has to be done! Gives a very similar tastes to McDonald's breakies! You can use other cheese if you wish.

c) Bacon - I always fry my bacon, but I know some people like to grill/bake theirs, hence why I left it out of the video/instructions. I recommend frying to reduce washing up, if you are going to fry do it before frying the sausage.

d) Egg - For a short guide on making the BEST scrambled eggs check out my perfect scrambled eggs!

e) Sriracha - This is optional if you don't like spice. Feel free to sub with ketchup/brown sauce.

f) Serving - Warning - these are BIG and very filling!!

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