a Bakery Cake In Minutes! - The Girl Outnumbered Desserts

How to convert that basic boxed cake mix into a moist, delicious bakery cake in minutes!

a Bakery Cake In Minutes! - The Girl Outnumbered Desserts

Yesterday was my oldest son’s 5th birthday! Happy Birthday, EJ!

I asked him if he wanted anything special for his actual birthday (we had a big party for him the day before) and of course, as any 5 year old would, or rather, should,  he requested a birthday cake! On most days this is something I jump at the opportunity to do and play around with different ingredients and style cakes, but we are all fighting off a sickness that has stuck with our entire family for over a week now and frankly my body and everything in me is telling me that I’m exhausted and just no. I thought long and hard about whether I would just crush his dreams and don’t bake anything or make a boxed cake. I hate box cakes, they are usually so bland to me. But, in a magical moment, a thought crossed my mind and so I did the next best thing. I grabbed one of my handy dandy tucked away box cake mixes for those days that I’m in a pickle and with a few small tweaks, made it into a delicious, moist, bakery-style cake!

Here are some common questions I’ve received since this post went viral:

Q: What kind of mixer do you recommend? 

A: I love my Kitchen aid and use it often. I had the smaller version, but ended up using it till the motor went out on it, and found a killer deal at Costco for the bigger one and upgraded. I’ve regretted it since.. I like the smaller one more because it tends to get the bottom of the bowl better mixing all the ingredients together. Q: I tried making this cake but it turned out bland. The texture was excellent but it tasted like nothing. How would I fix this? A: This is an easier fix then we sometimes think! Try adding in a little almond extract or vanilla extract. If your using a white cake mix you can even spice it up a bit with different flavor extracts. Maybe even a rum cake?!

Q:I don’t have a stand mixer, what else can I use?

A: I’m a big kitchen-aid fan, I love this handheld mixer and appreciate that it’s not super heavy so my hand doesn’t get tired.

a Bakery Cake In Minutes! - The Girl Outnumbered Desserts

How did I do that you may wonder?

Well friends, it is much easier than it seems.  You swap a few ingredients and add in an extra egg and there you go. Bakery style cake!

Here is how to make the magic happen in 5 easy steps:

Read the instructions on the box.
Add 1 or 2 more eggs, depending on your preference. My box asked for 2 eggs, so I added one more.
Replace the amount of oil with melted butter, but double the amount. 
Replace the water with milk – if it asks for 1 cup water do 1 cup milk. Make sure it’s the same amount, otherwise you’ll have really runny batter.
OPTIONAL – you can also add in some sour cream!
Bake as directed on the box. 
Now, this isn’t something I came up with myself, but found long ago online and have utilized it as a back pocket cheat sheet on those days that making something from scratch literally sounds like the worst idea ever. I don’t actually know who thought of this originally either, otherwise, I’d tag them here, so if you know, let me know so we can thank them for being so incredible!

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