3 Day Detox Diet Plan that's Simple and Effective!

detox diet : The truth about detox diet and detoxifying the body , isit true that this diet can help you lose weight and in the some time clean your body from toxings #detoxdiet #diet #loseweight

Your body may be exposed to many toxins either by eating food, water, or some medicine. Is there a diet that helps rid the body of toxins? This is the truth about the detox diet!

Diet to rid the body of toxins or known to people as a "detox diet", which is popularly known to specifically target the liver and colon to remove toxins from the body, but what is the truth of this diet?

The opinion of science about the detox diet

Supporters of the theory of ridding the body of toxins and the detox diet claim that the accumulation of toxins in the body may cause cancers and other diseases. Cleaning the body of these toxins will help:

  1. Protection from these risks.
  2. It will make your skin brighter and more youthful..
  3. It will also help to renew your positive energy.

Unfortunately, scientifically and biologically, this is a type of diet:

  1. It has no place in science, and doctors and specialists oppose it.
  2. And it is among the common practices among people that are not based on a scientific and logical basis.
  3. Products that claim to cleanse body toxins are a waste of money and maybe harmful to health!
  4. Types of toxins that may accumulate in the body
  5. It is normal for some toxins that may enter the human body as a result of eating food or water or even entering the air or exposure to some chemical or industrial substances.

There may be levels of toxins in our bodies that may be worrying, and here we are not talking about drugs, for example, and their addicts! Since there are generally no natural toxins that may be concentrated in the human body enough to be truly toxic and harmful.

The body cleans itself on a daily basis through the liver, kidneys, lungs, and sweat glands, except when:

  1. Exposure to chemical toxins or wastewater and contaminated, here the risk becomes direct and known.
  2. the presence of a defect and a clear medical problem.

However, the Detox diet, which may include fasting, eating a specific juice or using certain herbs, will not make any difference in cleaning the body of toxins.

As there is no type of food or herbs that may help clean the blood and rid it of toxins, or prevent the accumulation of toxins in various parts of the body.

The role of the liver in the Detox process

It is the responsibility of the liver to cleanse and detoxify the body mainly, in addition to other vitally vital processes.

Usually, toxins do not accumulate in the liver but pass through it over and over until the blood is purified from these toxins and converted into chemicals that are soluble in water. They are secreted and disposed of through sweat or urine and excreta.

In very special cases, it may be called toxic, which is when accumulating excess vitamin A or copper or iron mineral in the liver. These are rare and satisfactory cases that may indicate a problem in the liver.

What is the Detox diet?

Detox diet includes following a specific diet, such as:

  1. Replacing foods with liquids.
  2. Focus on eating vegetables and fruits.
  3. focus on a specific juice, such as lemon juice or maple, or eat a hot pepper.
  4. fasting the body for a while.

One of the basics may be avoiding processed carbohydrates and synthetic vegetable oils.
Some fans of detoxification systems argue that there is a specific type of food that may support and enhance the liver's work in the matter of detoxification from the body, such as milk, broccoli, garlic, or many others.

There are some studies that may support these hypotheses.

Detox damage and risks

A detox diet is usually followed for a short period, which is low in calories, which makes its side effects:

  1. Weakness, fatigue, hypoglycemia, muscle pain, feeling dizzy and nausea.
  2. And not obtaining the energy necessary for daily activities.
  3. And the lack of focus and mood and sleep disorders.
  4. The person may suffer from malnutrition and lack of one of the nutrients, which may force some to take nutritional supplements.
  5. And in systems that target colon cleansing in particular, you may need herbal mixtures of cereals, special products, or even enema, which could seriously harm your health.

Is a Detox diet effective?

Indeed, such a diet can help in losing weight, but it has a short-term effect, as it is not a healthy, approved lifestyle based on promoting healthy habits.

Let us always remember that following a harsh diet that does not count calories and adopts the method of fasting may lead to a rapid weight loss, but it quickly returns and gains weight again.

The best alternative to Detox Diet

A healthy lifestyle is more important and better than any diet detox, and by that, we mean a healthy lifestyle:

Focus on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and protein.
Avoid harmful foods high in fat, simple sugars or salt.
Reducing processed products and processed foods as much as possible.
And drink enough water.
Along with physical activity, it helps rid you of negative energy and thoughts.
And stay away from smoking or surrounding pollutants or take unnecessary medications.

Our last advice!

Avoid any diets claiming detoxification from the body since in short there is no magic food that works to pull toxins out of the blood and clean them.

And know that there is  integrated system in your body help to clean itself through the liver and kidneys, except in special and satisfactory cases that require treatment and medical attention.

Focus on a healthy lifestyle and healthy choices for you and your health.

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detox diet : The truth about detox diet and detoxifying the body , isit true that this diet can help you lose weight and in the some time clean your body from toxings #detoxdiet #diet #loseweight

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