Chicken-Bacon-Ranch Wraps Recipe

Chicken-Bacon-Ranch Wraps #Recipe are a super simple #lunch recipe that are cool, creamy and filled with crisp bacon. #food #recipes #lunch #recipe #sandwishes

This recipe is one of the best recipes you can make it at home as it is a very simple, cold and decent lunch recipe filled with bacon.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps

Always on this site I  put quick and easy lunch recipes, especially those that don't require much effort. That's why I love these quick rolls and because they are easy to prepare

Wrapped bacon chicken

Cook the bacon until it becomes crisp
Put all the bacon on a plate of bread lined with chips
cook the bacon in the oven
Combine the dish by putting a large ground tortilla down, then lettuce, cubed tomatoes, ranch, bacon and chicken breast slices
use grilled chicken slices because they are quick to roll
Wrap the rolls tightly and use a sharp knife to cut them in half

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps

Pro Tip: Cubed tomatoes can cause the roll to become a bit thick if pre-manufactured. 

Place the chopped tomatoes in a fine mesh strainer to remove excess moisture before rolling.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps

  1. 4 large chips
  2. 8 chicken breast slices
  3. 8 thick slices of bacon cooked and crisp
  4. 2 cups of lettuce leaves
  5. 1/2 cup of tomato cubes
  6. 4 tbsp ranch dressing


  1. Put the tortilla on a plate with lettuce leaves in the center of the tortilla. 
  2. Put 2 tablespoons of tomato, 1 tablespoon of ranch sauce, 2 pieces of cooked bacon, and 2 ounces of chicken breast.
  3. Roll the tortilla tightly and cut in half.

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