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how to stick to a diet motivation : fitness diet motivation

To lose weight you need a lot of motivation to continue with your diet, the more you got the more it helped you to continue and lose weight faster.

I will present here the best motivation that will help you to continue your diet and also to lose weight. These are, by the way, the methods that I tested myself and tried to motivate myself and had a great benefit in continuing my diet.

1. take a Picture to yourself

Take a front and side picture of your body before starting your diet and every day of your diet, take a picture of your body and compare it to the previous day and note the differences, all of this will help you in encouraging yourself to continue more because you will notice that your body is starting to become more athletic day after day and This is what you want to achieve.

2. Tell everyone that you are following the diet

Tell everyone around you starting from your family at home and your relatives and friends and why not share that with the world in the internet if you have an account on Twitter or a blog that will help you a lot in the continuation for several reasons including that you have become committed to continuing because there is someone who follows you passionately and wants to see the result, so you don't want to disappoint them

3. Measure, record, follow and share with others your weight

Always measure your weight every day, because every morning, when you measure your weight, you are always aware of the changes that happen to you early, and in this way you remind yourself of this commitment daily, and you can watch the progress that happens to you over time, let's say in 3 days you lost kilo! Great thing! Or let's say in a week you lost 3-kilo wowwwww. This will help you to continue and set goals you aspire to, for example, you have reached 102 kg, so your next goal should be simple and motivating, for example, to get rid of the number 100 and move to 90, so only two kilograms remain, so you motivate yourself more to continue and when you reach 99 you will encourage yourself and set a new goal which is To reach 95 and so on, always make sure you have a close goal you will continue to and a distant goal you aspire to

4. take a photo of your daily food and share it with others

When you visualize you're eating every day on a daily basis, you control more at what you eat and do not forget the eating that you ate for this day and next. It helps you to measure the amount of food and know if you “ruined it” or a “moderate diet” or a “harsh diet” and if you share that with others from Whether you know it or on the Internet, they will help you to brainstorm their thoughts. When someone says to you that your eating is very light, you know that you are doing something appropriate and when someone tells you that you eat a lot in regards to the diet, you know that your diet needs more control

5. Calculate calories

It is important to know the calories and how to calculate them and keep recording them, and the reason for this is that it will make you more in control and will motivate you to reduce eating some meals, for example, one orange whose calories are less than half a Twix finger !! The less it is, the better for your diet.

6. Think about the things you will do when your body is perfect

One of the things that people forget about is the beautiful appearance. When you see yourself with the ideal body appearance, this will improve your psychological well-being, increase your acceptance of yourself and your self-confidence, and this will increase your happiness and the happiness of others around you, such as your wife, children, and family. You can also choose beautiful clothes more easily and with wider options 

7. Celebrate the small victories

What I mean by celebration is to enlarge the size of the achievement. For example, if you lose 3 or 5 kilos, you will tell everyone about this and that you are very happy. Celebration and joy after small achievements help you to continue and of course, I do not mean celebration is Eating but cheer and pleasure and share that with others.

8. Follow, learn, and learn more about weight loss

Follow the social networking sites and YouTube video, browse the sites, and read books on diet, health, and sports, when you are in  Twitter or Facebook account, Followers talk about weight reduction, diet, sports, and health, this helps and motivates you a lot to continue, for example, if you have a sense of despair and then you visit your account in Twitter to browse related updates With your friends and an update comes from one of your following say " I lost 20 kg of weight after only a week of dieting", this will motivate you to continue dieting or "850 people die every day and 300 thousand people annually due to obesity in America only "there is no doubt that obesity is a disease and this is an important  reason to keep you in the path of losing weight 

9. Do not follow a diet! Make it your healthy lifestyle

 Try to make the accursed days you follow are your regular days, meaning that once you have finished the prescribed time for the diet you will return to eating like before after you have achieved what you want, this is a mistake, try to make all of your days even after accursing, such as the accursed days, healthy eating, exercise Sports,  follow everything new in the world of diet and physical fitness and this makes you always think about maintaining the ideal body that you have reached

10. Friends for sports

This is an important motivator, but it is not essential, that is, it will help you if you get friends who have the same goals to lose weight, go with them to walk or exercise, burn fat and motivate each other. All of this encourages you and encourages them to continue dieting for a longer period

11. Do not make happy times an opportunity to eat

Many people make happy times an opportunity to eat, and this is wrong. It is important that your happy times be without them and make a happy time for you when you eat the right diet.

12. Increase your mood and spirits

Stay away from everything that disturbs and affects your mood and search for all that increases from it and your spirits to help you continue in excursion because when you find yourself frustrated and feel bored you will search for what makes you happy and if there is eating then it will be the first thing that you are looking for to raise your mood with it so try to move away from it and follow the previous step

13. Stay away from anger and sadness

Stay away from anger, as it is the first reason that will cause you to be cut off from the accursed diet because a person is in his nature when he gets angry, the first thing he does is to eat to vent himself and this is wrong, so always try to stay away from any reasons that drive you to anger

14. Develop your strength to control yourself and persist in temptation

You will find advertisements on TV and on the street, and between a restaurant and restaurant you will also find a restaurant and you will find friends and relatives who try to force you to eat a lot and neglect the accursed and exercises. try to develop your strength to control yourself and persist the temptation

15. Make reasonable goals for you

When you want to lose your weight, do not set a big goal in a short time, try to make it a small goal in a long time. For example, you want to lose in a week, just one kilo or even half a kilo. 
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how to stick to a diet motivation : fitness diet motivation

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