20 Top Power Foods to Eat for Diabetes

diabetic diet to lose weight {eating plans}

Diabetes is one of the diseases that has become widespread, and of course, it is important to take into account the food that the patient is eating. There are many healthy foods for diabetics, which they should be interested in eating, and there are foods that must be avoided so that complications do not occur, and we are in this article We discuss how to follow a diabetic diet in detail, so follow us, dear reader.

Basic advice for a diabetic patient:

It is necessary to check the level of sugar in the blood periodically, for the diabetic patient to know if the sugar level is high, medium or low. 
Exercising regularly to help activate the medication the patient is taking, as it works to reduce obesity and adjust blood sugar. 
Regular kidney tests, as diabetics are more susceptible to damage and risks to the kidneys. 
Monitor blood pressure and body fat levels.

The best foods for diabetics

 The foods that are best for diabetics are as follows: 

  1. Fish of various kinds. 
  2. Green tea has many benefits. 
  3. Fruits containing vitamin C and anti-oxidant carotene. 
  4. Olive oil, which is one of the best and most useful oils. 
  5. Cinnamon, onion, and nuts. 

The worst foods for diabetics are: 

  1. animal fats such as animal ghee, liver, butter, sweets, and whole milk. 
  2. Food is high in sugar and honey. 
  3. Salty foods, such as salty cheeses, salty bread, and canned foods, are high in sodium.

A diabetic diet includes examples of foods that can be eaten in the three daily meals, you can coordinate these options to form your meal, but bearing in mind that the meal contains sources of protein, carbohydrates and healthy unsaturated fats, and the best options are the following:


  1. whole grains with fruit. 
  2. Whole waffles.
  3. cakes. 
  4. Eggs with vegetables like spinach or broccoli. 
  5. Low-fat milk or soy milk. 
  6. Skimmed or low-fat yogurt with fruits or cereals. 
  7. Avocado. 
  8. Nuts. 
  9. Virgin olive oil. 
  10. canola oil.


  1. grain bread sandwich or tortilla bread with grilled turkey slices, skinless chicken breasts, light salty tuna, or a low-fat, low-fat cheese slice. 
  2. Hummus with whole grain bread and vegetables. 
  3. Beans with lean meat and vegetables. 
  4. Green salad with lettuce or avocado. 


  1.  cooked cereals such as brown rice, quinoa, barley, or bulgur. 
  2. Pour the whole wheat or tortilla. 
  3. Dark vegetables. 
  4. Various fresh fruits. 
  5. Grilled or cooked fish. 
  6. Chicken without skin or fat. 
  7. Skim cheese. 
  8. Nuts or avocado.

Do not resort to these food options. 

There are some options in foods and drinks from each of the categories of nutrients, which are mostly bad for diabetics, and it is best to move away from them as much as possible, and replace them with the healthy options mentioned above, and these unhealthy options include: 

  1. Meat Fried. 
  2. Meat is high in fat, like ribs. 
  3. Fried and skinless poultry. 
  4. Creamy fried fish. 
  5. Processed meat. 
  6. Whole milk. 
  7. Cream and full cream ice cream. 
  8. Energy Drinks. 
  9. Coffee with cream and sugar. 
  10. Chocolate drinks. 
  11. Rice and white flour. 
  12. fried potato. 
  13. Fried bread. 
  14. Added cereal with lots of sugar. 
  15. Canned vegetables with salt. 
  16. Canned fruits in sugar, and butter.

And now, dear reader, after knowing the best diet for diabetics and what to avoid from foods, if you have any questions, you can consult a doctor

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