quick and easy dinner recipes your kids will love

quick and easy dinner recipes your kids will love

Kids spend a lot of time at school, which makes it a puzzling task for mothers.
You want to make sure that your child is getting enough food and enjoying it at the same time. Here are these saturated and renewed recipes that your child must admire. 

 The impact of proper nutrition on school health for children 

What should my child's food bag contain?

 Make sure to put a serving of fruits (orange, apple or pear), and a serving of vegetables (cucumber, pepper, tomato or lettuce). 
Make sure your child's meal contains cereals (bread, pasta or pastries). 
Make sure to have some kind of vegetable protein (beans, chickpeas), or animal protein (eggs, chicken, meat, or fish). 
Also included is a healthy fat, preferably olive oil. 

What should I avoid putting in my child's bag?

 The worst thing you can give it to your child are sugars in various forms such as chocolates, candies, donuts, processed cookies and sweetened juices.These foods, aside from providing no nutritional value to the child, also make the child feel more hungry. The reason is that these manufactured sugars are absorbed very quickly from the intestine, and thus raise blood sugar suddenly in the body . secretes large amounts of insulin (hormone, which maintains the level of sugar in the blood), to treat the sudden amount of sugar that entered the body, which leads to the descent Sugar is below normal and the child feels hungry. 

5 damages to your child when eating too many sugars

if the child relies on quelling his hunger on these foods, this cycle continues to strain the body and affect its concentration and mental ability. 

7 recipes for your child's school-age saturated meals 

1. Hummus with Olive Oil Sandwich

Best easy dinner recipes kids love

 You can prepare a sandwich of two pieces of brown bread and a mixture of mashed chickpeas marinated with salt, lemon, tahini and olive oil. Chickpeas give a feeling of satiety, and by integrating with bread your child gets a full protein.

2. Avocado and turkey sandwich

Best easy dinner recipes kids love

 Two pieces of brown bread topped with mustard or mayonnaise, stuffing avocado slices, turkey slice, lettuce, cheddar cheese or mozzarella, a nutritious meal.

3. Tuna Cheese Sandwich Tuna and cheese sandwich

Best easy dinner recipes kids love

 it is very tasty you can prepare it at home , require only two slices of toast  and a mixture of tuna, mayonnaise, lemon, salt and black pepper, in addition to fresh lettuce pieces, bell pepper and mozzarella cheese.

4. Pizza salad

Best easy dinner recipes kids love

 Cut two slices of bread into cubes and toast them a little on the fire with a spoon of olive oil, and in a tightly closed bowl put cherry tomatoes and pieces of mozzarella and pepperoni slices and basil leaves and pieces of pepper and season them with a little lemon, salt and olive oil. 
Add the bread pieces to the top, and put a spoon and fork for your child to enjoy his whole meal with pleasure.

5. Egg, pepper and corn tablets

Best easy dinner recipes kids love

 Cut a piece of turkey pepper and a piece of cheddar cheese, add a small box of corn and pieces of green onions and three grains of eggs, mix them then add salt and black pepper. 
In a non-stick frying pan, add a little olive oil, add a scoop of the mixture and stir on both sides until cooked.It is an excellent meal for school children.

6. Pizza cakes

Best easy dinner recipes kids love

You can try this pizza cupcake by adding a portion of the pastry dough into the cupcake mold after a little oil, grease the dough surface with the pizza sauce and then add a little pepperoni or chicken pieces or Meat, then sprinkle the mozzarella cheese on top. Place it in a 200 degree oven for 10 minutes and take it out to cool, your kids will love the new look of this pizza.

7. Rainbow Pasta 

Best easy dinner recipes kids love

Boiled spiral pasta :Add tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, black olives, fresh mushrooms (you can stir it a little on the fire) and pieces of cheese (what type that your child's favorite). 
Season it  with lemon, olive oil, mayonnaise or mustard.

This is not all the recipes , i will update this post daily until we reach 20 recipes like i said .


  1. Always cook new recipes to your child .
  2. Children are bored and their food tastes constantly changing. 
  3. What they like today may hate it tomorrow. 
  4. Prepare these recipes and adjust them to suit your child's taste.

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